Show me your books and I tell you who you are

I always love to look at people their bookcases when I visit them. It normally tells quite a lot about someone what books they have collected over the years (and read of course).
Therefore it is quite interesting to see how sites like LibraryThing try to connect people by collecting information about the books you have read and how you tag them. This information is than used to connect people, get recommendations based on others input and yours. And of course show of your library on you blog (you guessed right, look in the left lower corner Cool.
I wonder what yo can conclude by looking at the latest books I have read.

4 Replies to “Show me your books and I tell you who you are”

  1. De site kent zelfs een Tast-o-meter die kijk wat onze zogenoemde musical compatibility rating is. En onze Tast-o-meter staat op dit moment op Super. Dat is uiteraard te hoogste compatibility rating.
    Verder ben ik haar 5e neigbour, dus ik sta van alle aangemelden om de 5e plek qua compatibility. Sera is mijn eerste neigbour.
    Dus ook qua muziek lijken we op elkaar.
    De site houdt zelfs tot de seconde bij welke muziek je op welk moment speelt. Big brother is watching you…
    Heb je je al aangemeld?

  2. oeps, met 3 spelfouten, maar ik kan mijn eigen comment niet meer aanpassen…
    “die kijk wat” = “die kijkt wat”
    “aangemelden om de” = “aangemelden op de”
    “zelfs tot de” = “zelfs tot op de”

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