I read this post at salesforce: is considering bringing to market a new service enabling companies to share leads, opportunities and custom objects with each other (assuming both are using What would you call this service?
If you have another name suggestion please post it in a comment.

This seems a rather interesting application of Web 2.0 sharing of information. Companies sharing leads in a network through their CRM system. There are of course a lot of questions like how do you protect your leads against competitors, how easy it is to create rules how to share and such. But still, the idea has a huge potential I think.

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  1. Hi Martijn,
    just reading your very informative blog.
    I have 1 comment to this particular story
    about SalesForce.
    For me, web2.0 is the consumer-related web-based software services and SAAS the business related web-based software services. This to differentiate these software services considering its user.
    CRM application is for me SAAS and not web2.0.
    How do you think about this?
    Regards, Cordny
    How do you feel to this?
    Kind regards,

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